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Sandworm Squiggle Necklace

Sandworm Squiggle Necklace

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I have been learning and practicing on the makerspace’s newly acquired UV Resin Ink Printer and I am in love! I can turn any of my drawings or paintings into jewelry since it can print on almost any surface. Since the ink is cured resin, it’s super durable too!

So, of course some of my first printed acrylic piece is a squiggle necklace!

This exact piece measures 3.75” across and is printed on the backside of 1/8” clear acrylic with a white background to make it POP and the mirrored on the back. Do you get to decide which direction your sandworm is attacking. The entire thing is hung on 18” black enameled chain and clasp and will be shipped in a nice jewelry box. I have a handful of these in stock, and will keep restocking as needed, so please expect 1-3 weeks for delivery. Please remember we do all of our production ourselves! ALL of it. 

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