Plastic + Wood Hexagon Necklace #013

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The Plastic + Wood Hexagon Necklace was created because I wanted to add something special to my previous hexagon design. What better way to do that then frame them!

The bezels were designed by me, and then laser cut in two parts. Both parts were then assembled using an epoxy wood glue. Each hand cast plastic hexagon that is placed inside is completely 100% one of a kind. No other hexagon will look exactly the same due to the way they are made. I think this makes them even more special.


Hexagon Bezel is 1 1/4" wide, and with the fabric piece inserted it is 1/4" thick. The piece is then hung on an 18" silver plated chain with matching clasp.

To clean just gently and quickly run under water and let air dry. Do not submerge for long periods of time, otherwise it may warp the wood.


Custom necklace options will be available soon, just keep an eye on our blog.