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Painted Blue Shit - Needle Minder or Pin

Painted Blue Shit - Needle Minder or Pin

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Needle Minder or Pin?

If you are reading this description, then you are obviously curious and hopefully not offended. I imagine you may also be like me, and have the mouth of a sailor. A crafty sailor who also really likes cute things.

This piece can be slightly customized! It can be a needle minder with a silver coated set of magnets on the back, or it can be a pin with a brass pin back attached to the back.

Your choice!

Just make sure you pick the right option during checkout!

The front itself is painted blue and then laser cut (by me) from 1/8" thick baltic birch plywood that has been cleaned and sanded. The finished size is approximately 1.25" in diameter.

I did not seal these, as I was worried about the varnish touching fabric for long periods of time. So the oils from your hand will very slowly darken the wood and engraving over time. I personally love the idea of a wood patina, but I always like to give a heads up.


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