Donkey Kong Mask - Adult Size / Accordion Style

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hand sewn pleated mask! Patterned fabric on one side and solid on the other. So you have options, AND so you know which side you used!!!
Both are higher end quilting fabrics with a tight weave.

All fabrics have been pre-washed using hypoallergenic/no dye of perfume detergent, but you should wash it yourself when you receive it!! I also used a color catcher when pre-washing and none of the fabrics have bled. 

washing instructions: machine wash on warm or hot with any kind of detergent and then tumble dry regular. 

please please note these are for personal use and in no way replace N95 medical masks!! I will email a copy of the CDC guidelines for how to properly use a mask with each mask purchased, so please make sure to put the correct email address!!! I’m a worrier and want to make sure that you only use these if you 100% have to leave the house!! They are just an added protection, they do not make you invincible!! 

I secured all seams and double stitched all pleats. I was sewing faster than usual (even fast, each of these takes about 30 mins from start to finish) so not all stitch lines are straight and I may have missed a stray thread. I just wanted to get as many out to nurses/EMT’s/vets/etc as possible, while also having some for sale  

current hand delivery time is 2 days anywhere in Brunswick, since I’m sewing every other day and delivering on the opposite days.