Fabric + Wood Necklace - Medium - My Missing Metro Ticket!

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The Fabric + Wood Necklace is my way of adding variety and texture to my plastic bezel collection. It is basically the same concept, but assembled completely different. The bezels are two parts laser cut from bamboo and adhered using an epoxy wood glue. Just like it's cousin, the back encases the fabric, so there is never any worry about fraying or the fabric coming loose.

It currently comes in three sizes, medium, small and x-small, with more on the way. 


Medium Bezel is 1 3/8" wide, and with the fabric piece inserted it is 3/8" thick. The piece is then hung on an 18" silver plated chain with matching clasp.

To clean just gently and quickly run under water and let air dry. Do not submerge, otherwise to water could seep in to the bezel through the fabric and get trapped there.


Custom necklace options will be available soon, just keep an eye on our blog.