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Hades Mask Necklace

Hades Mask Necklace

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Earlier this year a close friend somehow convinced me to start playing FFXIV with promises of being able to decorate a house and wear pretty clothes, kind of like the Sims. Little did I realize how long it would take to get to that stage. I'm nowhere close.

I haven't given up, though I play VERY slowly, and decided to do some fanart from the game...

This exact piece measures 1.25” across and is printed on 1/8” clear acrylic with a white background to make it POP and then mirrored on the back. The entire thing is hung on 18” black enameled chain and clasp.

I have a handful of these in stock, and will keep restocking after the holidays.

Please remember we do all of our printing/production ourselves! ALL of it. 

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