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Blind Bag Fuzzball Keychains

Blind Bag Fuzzball Keychains

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I'm a kid of the 90's, so of course I have one of these creeps! I even took mine on trips and away to summer pre-college. I think there's a painting of one at my mom's house too. 

So I made a handful of colorful versions!

Each keychain is a 1.5" tall and printed on a variety of acrylics using a UV resin flatbed printer! ALL BY ME! I don't send out for these, I make each one by hand on professional equipment I have access to. They are then hung on enameled keychain and packaged up in heat sealed bags ready to surprise you!!

I have mixed these up and have no idea what is in each one! It's 100% a surprise. There are currently 45 different colorways, and 6 different color acrylics they could be printed on. I'll be adding more when I run out. 

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