Acrylic Ear Savers

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These little plastic pieces are called Ear Savers! They go on the back of the head and hold onto the elastic that would normally go behind your ears! They are perfect for essential workers, medical workers, teachers, children or anyone else that gets bothered by the elastic over time.

there are different notches for different head sizes, and if needed the acrylic can molded! Just stick the ear saver in hot water (not quite boiling, but not from the tap hot. You can microwave it to heat it up) for a few seconds, until it’s a little wiggly, and form it around a large bowl/jar/etc and let it cool there. Please be very careful when handling the hot acrylic. 

Heads up, I will be adding these to all children’s mask orders from now on, but also was asked to add them as a stand alone item to the shop. 

Please note: These would need to be shipped in a box, otherwise they could snap in transit (they are durable, but I don’t know if they are “mail sorters and mail man/women stuffing into tiny mailboxes” durable. 😂) so shipping will be a bit more.